Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulders

On the way home from lunch today, I became engaged in a conversation that made no sense at all. These are the best. It all started with a man in a hunter's jacket. You know the kind. Violently bright and, honestly, absurd if worn anywhere doing anything besides hunting.

Andy made mention that the jacket was assaulting his eyes. I told Andy he should sue the sun.

What if we did? Just brought a law suit down on the sun so hard for all the supposed wrong doings -- sunburns, drought, bright colors that hurt our eyes, snow blindness et cetera... but then, as a form of retaliation, the sun just decided to freeze us to death????

And then, just like that, 8 minutes later - we were all Popsicles. Dead. Because we think that we should be allowed to fall asleep in our backyards without shirts on.

addendum: I don't want to sue the sun. at all. it was just a thought.

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