Monday, January 23, 2012

BioFreeze Back and Sugar Scrubbed Feet

Hey, you guys, don't worry, for the first portion of today I was steeped in luxury like a damn queen. Or, like someone who was born into wealth. Or, like a high end prostitute with clients who pay for luxurious spa days. Or, like someone who had a little bit of christmas money to spend. Either way, I spent my day at the Woodhouse Day Spa alone and loved every second of it.

I'm not going to only talk about how amazing Spa water is (Basil and Orange infused water) or how deep tissue massages are simultaneously the best and worst pain ever or how going on a Monday morning essentially ensures a private spa - I'm not. I won't. That's boring. But I will talk about walking around with an oversized white robe covering my naked body in front of strangers... LIBERATING. Not joking at all.

Let me first, before I go on, lay out an exception: I still had my undies on, but they are skimpy undies, so basically, totally nude under my robe in front of people I don't know, lapping up basil and orange infused water while getting my feet massaged. WHAT THE HELL? Who am I?

So, here I am, walking around in spa shoes and robe, sauntering to the massage room, orchids and lilies littering the room, quiet ambient sounds invading my ears - and when the therapist tells me to disrobe, I do no problem. What does all of this say about me? I don't really know. Here's what I can only think:
I like being naked in front of strangers.

Hopefully that's okay. OH, and also, I slam down Spa Water like they're those test tube shots and I'm at a night club. And that, I know, is okay.


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  2. Replies
    1. should we have a drugged librarian spa day? i mean, seriously?

    2. I think you know that the answer has to be yes and nothing less.

  3. YES! Remember that one time we went? With the little red head and the new mom? That was fun. And the smell of that place blows my mind.

  4. hayley, sarah, brett,
    let's do this. let's pick a day and do this. PLEASE.

  5. How do we all get to be in the one place. Roadie for the three of us to the bjenks?