Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyone says, "It's not THAT bad" - WRONG

Here I am, y'all. Here's a picture of me last week after the "ordeal". Do you want to know what constitutes an ordeal? For me, it was extraction of wisdom teeth.

And not just extraction of wisdom teeth -- aware extraction! Just local shots, no gas, no going under, NOTHING. Yes, once again, I'll say I was totally AWARE.

The pain is bad, but the remembering is worse. Tugging on my head, pulling, and pushing and clamping and pressure and breaking, cracking then... the worst of all, SAWING MY TOOTH OUT OF MY HEAD. Guess what, guys? They nicknamed the bone saw "THE MINNESOTA". I'm not kidding. He sliced through my bottom cheek, too, you know, to make more room. Worst experience of my life. This picture was taken the next morning.

Yesterday, Sunday, I started experiencing Dry Socket. A phenomenon that is quite literally the worst pain I've ever experienced in my whole entire life.
Wisdom teeth extraction happens to be a shit storm of terrible. Don't do it.
Today, I'm on the upswing - I got my (dry) socket packed with medicinal cloves and I'm feeling more like a human and less like a nerve-less alien.
Wait! Did I tell you the second best part of all of this? (The first best part being THE MINNESOTA) - Not only do I have dry socket NOW, I also have shit tons of infection. Yay! OH, and one more thing. I can't feel my chin. And I probably won't get feeling back for another 6 months.
Alas, I am part of The Drugged Librarian, and I'm actually .. well, drugged.
It's all on the upswing.
I hope.

Soon, I'll post a better, more accurate picture of me - until then, YES, I can *actually* look THAT bad.


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  1. I went through the same process!
    I still have my teeth. In a baggie.