Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Post About Liking Things on a Bad Day or knowing somethings about yourself

Don't ask me when I became the person who started worrying about the fragile skin around my eyes because, basically, I don't really know. But you know? I don't care. I'll sing it from the mountaintops: I LOVE EYE CREAMS AND GELS AND ALSO HIGHLIGHTING POWDER FOR MY CHEEK BONES.

In addition, I like cheap wine, expensive pizza, tall socks, wearing head bands. I like talking, talking about pets, and feelings and babies. I also like alcohol. I like talking about my grandparents and watching lots of TV. I like that I form emotional attachments to fictional characters of all sorts. I like playing games on my phone. I like dishing out high fives and compliments and jokes. I like chatting online. I like tweeting and blogging and stalking people on facebook. I like thinking that people's parents like me. Reading and writing and browsing internets. Meeting people, making friends and making expressive movements with my arms, I like those things, too. I like having lunch dates and brushing my teeth. I especially like flossing.

I like wearing socks and sweats and oversized shirts. I like shopping at the mall, but also, I like staying at home and getting so drunk playing catch phrase. Hip hop music and tanning beds. I like getting approval from authority figures, and your parents and my parents and my cat. I like baking and eating the things I bake. I like being right. I like that I sometimes write poetry that could be considered good by some people somewhere who might want to read about the shit I write. I also like that I'm sometimes an elitist, but also, that I'm so approachable. I like that when I take personality tests I'm 100% extrovert, but sometimes all I crave is the quiet turning of the earth.
Et cetera.

I like lots of things.

Chances are, I like you. Unless you're part of that small group of girls from college... you know who you are. I don't like you... still.