Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting My Act Together

I'm trying to get my act together in 2012. Which, I guess, should really read: "I'm trying to get my closet together in 2012." It might help if my closet weren't the size of Miss Trunchbull's chokey, but whatever.

I have made it one of my goals this year to stop looking less like a baglady and more like a handbag lady. I don't think I own any handbags. What's the difference between a handbag and a purse? Is a handbag the same thing as a pocketbook? I thought a pocketbook was a wallet. Why are there so many names for "small place to put your crap"?

Anyway, I've started following a few fashion blogs. Mainly this girl and this girl and this girl. Because it seems like I have all these clothes, but I never know how to wear any of them. Learning how to wear clothes shouldn't be such a difficult task, but if you're me, and you've recently had to add words to your vocabulary like "flats" and "accessory" and "handbag" (I'm going to keep using that one in random contexts until somebody tells me I've done it right), then you can understand that it is a very difficult task indeed.

I guess I have to man up and stop saying "I'm a poet, I can dress like a baglady" and start saying "I'm a poet, but I still have to look like a human being."

What are your best closet tips?


  1. Perhaps you can use all these strange words in your poetry - I once saw a catalog from Anthropologie that had all the ads in free verse.

  2. Most important: do not shop aspirationally. Find what fits and fits well at that moment. No one is going to rummage in the back of your shirt to see what size you are.

    Rule #2: if or as you lose weight, find a tailor. They're surprisingly cheap. If you buy good clothes the first time, they can last longer.

  3. I am really proud of you for this. Really. I can't think of a closet tip but I know that recently lipstick has been a great idea and also large amounts of skirts & tights.